Meet the team behind the scenes working to support California's local public agency workforce

Your Local Technical Assistance Team

The California LTAP Center (CALTAP) draws upon the strengths of the Center for International Trade & Transportation (CITT) and the College of Engineering (COE) at California State University, Long Beach. Contact us to find out more about CALTAP and our portfoilio of subsidized LPA training and technical assistance.

Tom O'Brien


Director O’Brien’s extensive experience and professional network in transportation & logistics brings expanded resources to CALTAP from synergistic workforce partners like COGs, WIBs, and MPOs. A recognized industry leader, Tom’s finding new ways to bring value to California’s local, rural, and tribal agencies.

Scott Jakovich

Center Management

A veteran of transportation-related workforce and economic development, Mr. Jakovich brings an expertise in managing professional development, contract training, and train-to-work programs to the CALTAP team, while supporting Director O’Brien in managing all aspects of Center operations.

Patrick Schiwek

Research & Coordination

A CSULB grad student and certified Global Logistics Professional, Mr. Schiwek provides transportation research and web content on issues that resonate with our local agency audience, including policy updates, funding opportunities, and new practices and techniques, all with a focus on technology transfer.

Tyler Reeb

Tribal Liaison

With his extensive experience in tribal transportation workforce development, Dr. Reeb helps to coordinate CALTAP mission objectives and outreach activities with California’s regional tribal leadership, community members, and the new Western Tribal Technical Assistance Program (TTAP) Center.

Hamid Rahai

Sustainable Engineering

Founder of the Center for Energy & Environmental Research & Services, Dr. Rahai brings to CALTAP the Sustainable Engineering Training Academy (SETA): new modular training that equips agencies to plan for, manage, and mitigate GHG emissions from construction projects and aging infrastructure.

Ben Olson

GIS Training Specialist

Mr. Olson develops, manages, and presents CALTAP’s GIS-focused training curriculum. Designed to upskill local agency staff on the use and value of asset geotagging and StoryMap construction, these courses demonstrate how to present complex data-rich narratives to a non-technical audience.

Marisa Eide


As Executive Assistant to Director O’Brien, Ms. Eide keeps Tom well-organized as she maintains our office systems, services, and procedures. Critical to keeping our CALTAP team synchronized and our events well-planned and executed, Marisa’s interdepartmental experience is key to accessing institutional resources.

Stacey Park


Ms. Park coordinates CALTAP Center communications and e-marketing in addition to providing support strategies for client outreach, management, and retention. As a Research Associate, she contributes to white papers, briefs, and industry reports for the Center’s grant-funded transportation research projects.

Thi Vuong

Graphic Design

Standing-out among today’s e-marketing din isn’t easy, but Ms. Vuong’s refreshing imagination and ability to deliver visual and graphic design helps CALTAP rise above. An Interior Design undergrad, Thi balances a full-time academic schedule with supporting our communication’s team.