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Tribal Transportation Program Safety Funds

Posted: 1/12/2023


The application deadline for the Tribal Transportation Program Safety Funds (TTPSF) has been extended to March 9, 2023. The amended NOFO identifies selection criteria, application requirements, and technical assistance available during the solicitation period. Applicants who were unable to meet the previous deadline of September 15, 2022 are encouraged to submit.  

Designed to support the National Roadway Safety Strategy's goal for zero highway deaths, BIL has set aside 4% of the Tribal Transportation Program budget to address transportation safety issues within federally recognized Indian tribes. TTPSF funds are intended for projects that reduce the frequency and severity of fatal and serious injury incidents while also emphasizing improvements to existing infrastructure.

There is no application limit to this solicitation, which covers:

  • Transportation safety plans
  • Data assessment, improvement, and analysis
  • Systematic roadway departure countermeasures
  • Infrastructure improvements

Prior to BIL, FHWA has awarded almost $79M in competitive grants to federally recognized tribes, funding 765 projects from 2013-2021.

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