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Grant Writing Workshop

Posted: 6/20/2023

WEBINAR: September 28, 2023, 8:00AM - 9:00AM PT [CLOSED]

Writing a grant is a crucial way to secure funding from the government. But if you have never completed one before, it can seem like an impossible task. During this free webinar, you will learn the basics of how to tackle and complete a grant or funding application.

Topics include:

  • Reviewing and understanding what your application requires
  • How to collect the application’s information,
  • Readability of your application
  • Considerations for strengthening your application’s chances of being funded.

You won’t become a grant or application writing expert by participating in this webinar, but you will take away a method for approaching and completing applications.

The workshop is hosted by Victoria Beale, J.D., Director of the Ohio LTAP at the Ohio Department of Transportation.

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This Event is Closed

Why Grant Writing?

Government agencies and NPOs often rely on grants to finance projects that improve infrastructure, advance research, or enhance public services.

Effective grant writing allows these entities to articulate their goals, demonstrate the significance of their work, present a compelling case for financial support, and ultimately fund improvement or research projects.

Interested in a grant from the USDOT? Learn more here.

Victoria Beale, J.D.

As Director of Ohio LTAP and Training Academy Program Director at Ohio DOT, Victoria Beale has accumulated almost 20 years of grant and application writing experience, successly funding many LTAP training courses.


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