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FHWA Publishes New Planning Guide

Posted: 5/16/2023

The new FHWA guidebook "Model Long-Range Transportation Plans: A Guide for Incorporating Performance-Based Planning" (FHWA-HEP-23-018) is now available to inform State DOTs, MPOs, RTPOs, as well as their planning colleagues (transit agencies, local governments, and federal agencies) about effective practices for incorporating performance-based planning into the development of a long-range transportation plan. 

A performance-based plan sets the foundation of goals, objectives, performance measures, and targets that support decisions for long-range investments and policies as well as shorter-range decisions that move toward achievement of desired system performance outcomes. 

This document identifies key components present in a "model" transportation plan, as well as process elements to reflect the priorities of the community and support attainment of desired performance outcomes for the multimodal transportation system. 

It also highlights the importance of integrating performance-based plans, programs, and processes, data-driven analysis, and public/stakeholder engagement, with key points highlighted through case studies.

The Seven Elements

This FHWA guidebook is organized around seven (7) elements of a performance-based long-range transportation plan, and the overall planning process applicable for both LRSTPs and MTPs.

  1. Context Setting Information
  2. Goals & Objectives
  3. Performance Measures & Targets
  4. System Performance Report
  5. Identification of Needs
  6. Investments & Financial Plans
  7. Connection to Programming

A model performance-based plan should incorporate each of these elements. Federal requirements that must be included in an LRSTP and MTP are noted throughout.


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