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Curing Practices for Concrete Pavements

Posted: 4/18/2023

The National Cooperative Highway Research Program (NCHRP) has released the 2023 edition of Curing Practices for Concrete Pavements. Proper curing is essential to the longevity of pavement, and thus is key to the effective deployment of funds and the safety of roadways.

This NCHRP publication includes a literature review, a survey of state pavement curing practices, case examples of DOT curing practices, and a summary of the findings the NCHRP has gathered from a survey of 38 state DOTs.

Proper curing ensures that the temperature and moisture levels are adequate, such that durability and strength of the concrete surface can be maximized. Insufficient humidity will cause the concrete to dry too quickly, leading to premature cracking. Inappropriate temperatures, too, impede the cement hydration process. Properly cured concrete pavement requires significantly less maintenance in the short and long term. Improperly cured concrete pavement is vulnerable to weather conditions and quickly deteriorates under heavy traffic conditions.

While the guidebook provides in-depth coverage, it is not just a technical manual. Any professional involved in the planning, maintenance, or construction of concrete pavements will be able to approach the text with ease. Given the ubiquity of concrete pavement surfaces in urban, suburban, and rural transportation environments, local government professionals would be remiss not to develop a working familiarity with the relevant best practices.

Access the full report here.


What is the NCHRP?

The The National Cooperative Highway Research Program (NCHRP) has been producing various guides, handbooks, and research publications since its founding in 1962 by the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO). Though most roadways are managed by either state DOTs or local authorities, the massive expansion of American road networks over the past seventy or so years has created the need for cooperation and coordination at a national level in order to disseminate knowledge and best practices.

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