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CALTAP Virtual Roadshow

Posted: 11/2/2022

Even LTAP veterans can benefit from a refresher course on how the California LTAP can bring needed resources to your agency's staff development agenda.

With our new administrative team, refocused mission agenda, and growing list of specialized training, it's a perfect time to get [re]acquainted with how we can help you work more effectively with Caltrans on acquiring/executing local programs.

Scalable to meet your schedule or need, our Virtual Roadshow offers:

  • An introduction to the LTAP team, mission, and objectives.
  • An overview of LTAP training, resources, and technical assistance.
  • An understanding of how to engage and access LTAP resources.
  • A preview of upcoming courses in GIS and sustainable construction.
  • A platform to hear your needs and how we can work to meet them.

The CALTAP Virtual Roadshow is a perfect opportunity to introduce LTAP services to public works directors, transportation taskforces, Council of Governments, or any agency interested in accessing professional technical training and assistance.

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