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Program Funding Update: Active & Upcoming NOFOs

Posted: 7/1/2024

Don't miss out on these opportunities to acquire federal funding for transportation infrastructure planning and development.

Of course all federal grants, including each of these, can be found at  






SMART Grants Program

Jul 12, 2024 


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United States Marine Highway Program

Jul 12, 2024 


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Active Transportation Infrastructure Investment

Jul 17, 2024 


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Roadside Pollinator Program 

Jul 18, 2024 


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Pilot for Transit-Oriented Development

Jul 22, 2024 


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Small Community Air Service Development

Jul 25, 2024 


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Bridge Investment Program
Large Bridge Projects)

Aug 1, 2024 


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Charging & Fueling Infrastructure Grants
Community & Corridor Charging)

Aug 28, 2024 


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Safe Streets & Roads for All 

Aug 29, 2024 


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Wildlife Crossings Pilot Program 

Sep 4, 2024 


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National Culvert RR&R

Sep 23, 2024 


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Bridge Investment Program
Planning & Small Bridge Projects)

Oct 1, 2024 


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The DOT Navigator

The DOT Navigator is another resource to help communities understand the best ways to apply for grants, plan for, and deliver transformative infrastructure projects and services. 


The USDOT maintains a seperate running list of open NOFOs that may be relevant to rural transportation.

This list can be found here, along with historical information on these grants (including prior NOFOs).

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