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Affordable Roundabouts: Smaller, Slower, & Safer for All Travelers

Posted: 5/22/2024

WEBINAR: May 29, 2024, 9:00AM - 11:00AM PT [CLOSED]

Affordable Compact and Mini-Roundabouts are being implemented by state and local public agencies due to their low cost, quick delivery, reduced vehicle speeds, and ability to prevent up to 90% of severe crashes.

Join us for this free 2-hour webinar to hear first-hand about Affordable and Modular Roundabouts from the Washington Department of Transportation, the City of San Diego, and our own Caltrans intersection and safety experts.

This Webinar Will Cover

  • Characteristics of Affordable Roundabouts and how they have been proven to be as effective as full roundabouts.

  • Success stories from state/local public agencies who have installed Affordable Roundabouts.

  • How the emergence of Modular Roundabouts featuring fabricated components make it possible to install small roundabouts in several days at a fraction of the cost.

Featured Presenters

  • John Liu, Caltrans District 6 Deputy Director for Operations & Maintenance
  • Brian Walsh, State Traffic & Design Engineer, Washington Department of Transportation
  • Dina Swires, Traffic Safety Engineer, Washington Department of Transportation
  • Jerry Champa, Caltrans Traffic Safety Liaison Engineer
  • Phil Rust, Traffic Engineer, City of San Diego
  • Dr. Jerry Fanucci, President, ZKxKZ LLC
  • Adam Lanik, Vice President, ZKxKZ LLC

This live webinar is FREE and open to all California local public agencies, tribes, engineering consulting firms, and Caltrans employees. Contact us with any quesetion about this training.

This Event is Closed


A roundabout is an intersection with a circular configuration that safely and efficiently moves traffic.

Roundabouts feature channelized, curved approaches that reduce vehicle speed, entry yield control that gives right-of-way to circulating traffic, and provide a counterclockwise flow around a central island that minimizes conflict points.

The net result of lower speeds and reduced conflicts at roundabouts is an environment where crashes that cause injury or fatality are substantially reduced.

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