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Amendment to SS4A FY2024 NOFO

Posted: 4/16/2024

On April 16, 2024, the USDOT published an amendment to the FY24 Safe Streets & Roads for All (SS4A) Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO). The amended NOFO:

  • Increases amount available to implement projects & strategies from $580M to $780M

  • Clarifies that funding awards to applicants submitted after each deadline is contingent on remaining funds (funds are available on a rolling “first-come, first-serve” basis)

  • Waives up to $200K in non-federal match for applications from certain U.S. territories

  • Removes option for unsuccessful Implementation Grant applicants to apply for a Planning & Demonstration Grant

  • Implementation Grant applicants are encouraged to bundle requests for supplemental planning & demonstration activities into their Implementation Grant application

  • Changes the deadline for technical questions to April 24 to answer questions related to the amendment (application deadlines remain the same)

Upcomming SS4A Deadlines

The remaining deadlines for the SS4A FY24 NOFO are as follows:

April 17, 2024: Deadline for Implementation Grant Pre-Application Action Plan Review 

April 24, 2024: Deadline for technical questions related to the FY24 SS4A NOFO 

May 16, 2024: Deadline for Implementation Grants

May 16, 2024: Deadline #2 for Planning & Demonstration Grants

August 29, 2024: Deadline #3 for Planning & Demonstration Grants (FY24 NOFO closes)

Click here for more information on how to apply

Updated SS4A Application Resources

The SS4A website has recently been updated with new application resources, including:

Final FAQs and information for the FY24 NOFO are expected by May 7th

About Safe Streets & Roads for All

Established by the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law (BIL), the Safe Streets and Roads for All (SS4A) discretionary grant program will provide $5B in grant funding over five years. This funding supports regional, local, and tribal initiatives through grants to prevent roadway deaths and serious injuries. SS4A supports Secretary Buttigieg’s National Roadway Safety Strategy and the goal of zero deaths and serious injuries on our nation’s roadways. 

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Planning & Demonstration Grants

Planning & Demonstration Grants provide federal funds to develop, complete, or supplement a comprehensive safety Action Plan.

The goal of an Action Plan is to develop a holistic, well-defined strategy to prevent roadway fatalities and serious injuries in a locality, tribe, or region.

Planning & Demonstration Grants also fund supplemental planning and/or demonstration activities that inform the development of an Action Plan.

Implementation Grants

Implementation Grants provide federal funds to implement projects and strategies identified in an Action Plan to address a roadway safety problem.

Projects/strategies can be infrastructure, behavioral, and/or operational activities.

Implementation Grants may also include demonstration activities, supplemental planning, and project-level planning, design, and development.

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