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Build a Better Mousetrap Lunch n Learn

Posted: 4/12/2024

WEBINAR: April 23, 2024, 11:45AM - 12:45PM PT [CLOSED]

Join us as we launch a new round of “Build a Better Mousetrap”, California's annual statewide competition that recognizes the role of local agency innovation in making traffic management more efficient and our roadways safer.

Hosted by the American Public Works Association (Sacramento Chapter), Caltrans Division of Local Assistance (DLA), California LTAP (CALTAP), and the City of Rancho Cordova, this free 60-minute webinar will introduce you to the program and how your team can be a part of this growing technology transfer platform.

  • Are you curious how local & tribal agency transportation innovations and efficiencies can assist your organization to make painful tasks easier?

  • Did you know there's also a federal competition that allows you to submit and share your transportation innovations for national recognition for you and your organization?

  • Do your management, leadership, and groundbreaking projects receive the recognition and accolades they deserve?

  • Intereseted in having APWA partner with, support, recognize, and celebrate your agency's innovative accomplishments? 

"Sharing innovation is an important way to help agencies around the U.S. benefit from California ingenuity". If you’ve devised a new way to tackle a work-related challenge, we’d like to hear about!

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Congratulations to our 2023 winners from Walnut Creek

This Event is Closed

The FHWA BABM Initiative

The Build a Better Mousetrap (BABM) national recognition program highlights locally relevant, innovative solutions and provides a platform to share innovations to everyday challenges that local and tribal transportation professionals encounter on local roads.

These local road solutions range from the development of new project delivery or design processes to the invention of new tools, equipment, or modifications that increase efficiency, enhance safety, reduce cost, and/or improve the quality of transportation on local roads. 

BABM 2024: How to Apply

1. Go to Build a Better Mousetrap 2024

2. Click the  Submit an Innovation  button

3. Register or login as requested

4. Complete each form prompt in detail

5. Upload a thumbnail, pictures, video, and any other relevant documents

6. Click the  Submit Improvement  button

7. Await confirmation email

8. Return any time to amend your application as needed

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