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Cultural Competency & Historical Trauma

Posted: 4/12/2024

TRAINING: June 11, 2024, 9:00AM - 11:00AM PT

The Nevada LTAP is hosting a 2-hour virtual training session on Cultural Competency & Historical Trauma. Cultural competency is the ability to interact with people across cultures in an effective and respectful manner. It includes knowing and reflecting on the cultural values, beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors of yourself and others.

This course covers the skills needed to communicate, collaborate, and achieve desired goals in cross-cultural situations, using tribal relations to illustrate real-life examples.

Learning objectives for this course include:

  • Defining "Historical Trauma"
  • Identifying dimensions of culture
  • 3 tips to making education & programs culturally relevant
  • Identifying the most vital component to understanding your audience

Who should attend:

This course is designed for instructors, supervisors, leadership, program coordinators/specialists in a variety of transportation fields who want to make their programs culturally sensitive to reach a targeted audience.


This training is presented by Carrie Brown, Director of the Nevada LTAP

This Event is $20.00

Cultural Competency?

Cultural competency and understanding historical trauma are relevant in the U.S. transportation sector to promote equity, address disparities, engage communities effectively, ensure environmental justice, and foster diversity and inclusion.

By integrating these concepts into transportation planning, policymaking, and service delivery, the sector can strive towards more equitable and inclusive transportation systems that meet the needs of all communities.


Carrie Brown, MSML

In her 15 years in public health and human services, Carrie Brown has served communities as Director of Human Services, Tribal Health & Human Services Director, Safety Circuit Rider, and as Director of the Nevada LTAP under Applied Pavement Technology.

Her expertise is in training delivery with a focus on cultural sensitivity; her mission is to empower agencies to support and strengthen their communities through transportation countermeasures and safety initiatives.


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