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ATRC Visioning Survey

Posted: 4/12/2024

Help us re-envision California's Active Transportation Resource Center (ATRC)!

The ATRC team is asking for your input as to how they can best support active transportation efforts in communities of all sizes and types in California.

Please help by completing this survey by April 30, 2024 to share your thoughts.

The ATRC’s mission is to provide resources, technical assistance, and training to transportation partners across California to increase the opportunity for the success of active transportation projects. The ATRC is funded by an Active Transportation Program (ATP) grant and is administered by Caltrans. The ATRC utilizes a combination of subject matter experts from state agencies, universities, and consultants to support ATP applicants, ATP recipients, and others working to improve active transportation across the state.

To learn more about the ATRC, visit their website at

California's ATRC

Funded by the Active Transportation Program (ATP) and administered by Caltrans Division of Local Assistance, the ATRC provides training, tools, resources, and technical assistance to stakeholders for infrastructure and non-infrastructure ATP projects.

ATRC Resourses include:

 • Links to FHWA & Caltrans Manuals
 • Links to NACTO Guidance
 • Guides for Safe Routes to Schools
 • Info on Safe Routes to School Basics
 • Crossing Guard Training Information
 • ATP Project Profiles (coming soon)

Active Transportation Program

Created by Senate Bill 99, California's Active Transportation Program (ATP) encourages increased use of active modes of transportation around the state, such as walking and biking.

The goals of ATP include increasing walking and biking usage, increasing safety and mobility of non-motorized users, contributing to GHG reduction goals, enhancing public health, and providing a broad spectrum of projects to benefit many types of users.

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