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UAS in Transportation Infrastructure

Posted: 1/24/2024

WEBINAR: February 7, 2024, 7:00AM - 8:30AM PT [CLOSED]

Join FHWA in this upcoming free webinar to review the findings, best practices, and recommendations outlined in a study released by the Global Benchmarking Program (GBP) on the “Use of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) to Enhance the Design, Maintenance, Inspection, and Construction of Transportation Infrastructure”.

Panelists will include domestic and international subject matter experts.

UAS use has greatly increased in the U.S. in recent years. Many transportation agencies and organizations have started to evaluate and use UAS as a toolset to collect and analyze new data or supplement and enhance day-to-day work. This GBP study was conducted to learn about mature UAS applications in the United Kingdom and Germany with a focus on advanced digital project delivery and contactless practices.

The study presents several significant findings and recommendations for UAS use in the areas of data standardization, measurable benefits, and maintenance, repair, and overhaul practice requirements.

FHWA initiated this study in 2019 to learn about mature UAS applications in advanced digital project delivery and contactless practices conducted by international experts. The goal was to identify opportunities to adopt UAS to enhance the design, construction, inspection, and maintenance of transportation infrastructure, thereby benefiting the U.S. highway transportation and digital construction sectors.

To learn more about UAS, reach out to James Gray,
FHWA Office of Preconstruction, Construction, & Pavements

This Event is Closed

Global Benchmarking Program

FHWA funds and administers the GBP to identify, evaluate, document, and implement proven foreign innovations that have the potential to significantly improve highway system performance, mobility, and safety in the U.S.

The GBP conducts studies to assess, evaluate, and implement global innovations to respond to 21st century challenges in U.S. highway transportation, with the goal of improving safety, avoiding duplicative research, reducing overall costs, and accelerating improvements to our national transportation system.

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