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RSCP: Overview of Local Road Safety Plans

Posted: 1/16/2024

TRAINING: February 20, 2024, 8:00AM - 10:00AM PT [CLOSED]

The National Center for Rural Road Safety (NCRRS) is hosting an online training on Local Road Safety Plans as part of its latest virtual delivery of the Road Safety Champion Program (RSCP).

This free two-hour training will provide an overview of Local Road Safety Plans (LRSPs), including how they support safety efforts, the steps to developing an LRSP, and the strategies for implementing an LRSP.

Local road practitioners play a critical role in addressing local crash risks and can likely identify specific or unique conditions that contribute to crashes within their jurisdiction. LRSPs offer a foundation for consensus and focus that can help communities take a proactive stance in reducing and preventing local road fatalities and injuries. 

RSCP is a nationally recognized certificate program designed to build a knowledgeable, safety minded workforce, responsible for operating, maintaining, and designing local roads. Road Safety Champions prioritize safety and are motivated to implement safety improvements that reduce fatalities and serious injuries on rural and local roadways.

RSCP training participants that complete a series of courses in core and specialized safety issues will be awarded a Road Safety Champion Program Certificate.

Access the full list of RSCP safety trainings here

This Event is Closed

National Center for Rural Road Safety

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It provides coordinated, multidisciplinary, scalable, and accessible safety resources to rural communities to accelerate road safety improvements and save lives.

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