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GHG Emissions & Mitigations in Construction Projects

Posted: 10/31/2023

TRAINING: December 7, 2023, 9:00AM - 11:00AM PT [CLOSED]

CALTAP annouces the latest in a series of courses in sustainable engineering training, which focuses on measuring and reducing the carbon footprint of construction projects.

Reducing the environmental impacts of construction contributes to sustainability and positively impacts climate change. Reducing a project's carbon footprint—the amount of greenhouse gases (GHGs) emitted into the atmosphere—and minimizing its impact on the nautral habitat, are key to increasing sustainability and minimizing climate change.

Learning Objectives

  • Gain an overview of GHGs and their CO2 equivalent
  • Identify sources of GHG emission in construction projects
  • Understand how a project's carbon footprint is calculated
  • Identify different GHG mitigation approaches

Target Audience

  • Industry professionals who secure, plan, or implement construction projects
  • Engineering students interested in learning how to mitigate GHG emissions

Benefits of Training

  • Learn about construction processes, equipment, and sources of GHGs
  • Learn how to reduce GHG emissions from planning to implementation
  • Learn from interactive exercises and construction case studies

GHG Emissions & Mitigations in Construction Projects is the second in a series of Sustainable Engineering Training Academy (SETA) modules specifically designed for transportation and construction engineers, planners, and project managers to identify and reduce the environmental impacts of construction projects and roadway development.

Seating is limited to maximize training interactivity, register now to secure your spot!

This Event is Closed

Dr. Hamid Rahai

Dr. Hamid Rahai is founding director of the Center for Energy & Environmental Research & Services (CEERS) and a professor at CSULB’s Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering and Biomedical Engineering departments.

Dr. Rahai is owner/co-owner of several patents in wind energy, reducing ambient NOx of diesel and CNG engines, and reducing the drag of airfoils at subsonic and transonic speeds.

Sustainable Engineering

The Sustainable Engineering Training Academy (SETA) provides transportation and construction engineering communities with module-based training in the areas of green buildings, environmental impacts of construction, and structural health monitoring systems.

Taught by industry and academic experts, participants gain practical knowledge in specific demanding areas of their industry for career enhancements and improvements.

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